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Industry: Other/Not Classified
State: Massachusetts
City: Boston - state capital
Description: People always being nosy and talking crap. People being contradicting snitches. People being disrespectful and threatening others. Managers/directors don't even put their foot down and correct any of the issues. Someone tryed to commit suicide due to dealing with a specific people and someone quit their job due to the stress that she was enduring by the same people knowing she needed the job to support her family and put food on the table for her kids because she said it was either hurting herself or someone else if she gets to that point or quit and don't deal with it. These people are pushing others out with any means necessary which is very wrong and no one higher up gives a crap.
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Currently working as SAP ABAP developer, but working with SAP is the exact opposite of fulfillment for me. I love solving difficult problems where I have to put all my creativity and ingenuity to....more
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Stressed over colleagues. Two specifically have been very problematic towards me. I feel stupid and dreading each day at work. ..more
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Currently disabled. Started the job well then started to face mental illness. I sought treatment without telling anyone. No one at work asked if I was ok, so I thought things were not bad. I got my....more
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I work at a fast food job, but the atmosphere is very toxic and stressful. Its also interfering with my education, and its too far from where i live. I regret staying as long as i have..more
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