Office Party Dos and Dont’s

December 07 2015

office party

Tis the season for office parties, and many of us will be attending one in some facet in the coming weeks. Some may involve food. Some may involve alcohol. All provide a way to get to know one another in an informal setting and let loose. It is about celebrating the year behind you and looking forward to what is to come. And you should have fun. You should let loose. You should not, however, forget about etiquette and professionalism. Here are a few tips to make sure you leave the party with your reputation in tact. Don’t Have Too Many Drinks The goal is to have fun. The goal is not, however, to drink your coworkers under the table. You are not at a party with your friends; you Read More …

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How to Handle Mistakes at Work

November 30 2015

We are all human. And humans make mistakes. Even so, mistakes at work can seem monumental. You may be embarrassed. You may have caused a headache for human resources, or even legal problems. A mistake is not as bad as you may think, as long as it is addressed and handled in the appropriate way. Here is how. Admit the Mistake Once you are aware of the mistake, you should tell your boss about it as soon as possible. Of course, if the mistake is miniscule and can be corrected quickly before it causes a problem. This does not mean that you should hide your mistakes, but applies only to those small errors with little impact. Hiding other mistakes will make you appear dishonest if uncovered by someone else in Read More …

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Valid Reasons to Call in Sick

November 23 2015

Thinking of calling in sick to work? Most of us have done it before. Sometimes, it is because we are actually physically ill. Sometimes we need a mental health day. Yet most of us have a certain amount of guilt when we do, regardless of our reasons. Sometimes, we are afraid that the work will not get done without us. Sometimes, we know we need to finish a particular project and simply cannot afford to miss the work that has to be done. But, if you are sick you are sick, and studies show that an employee that is sick is not productive. This means that going to work when you are sick is not helpful to anyone, nor is it a good use of resources. And, it also means Read More …

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Ready to Quit Your New Job?

November 16 2015

So you just started that new job or internship and you are already thinking of ways to quit. It happens. Should you give it time, or follow your instincts. If you choose the latter, how do you even begin to leave before you have really even started? As with everything in life, leaving one job and beginning another is full of risks and rewards. Quitting one job is not without consequence. It is only natural that the idea brings feelings of concern and panic. Put simply, quitting your job can impact both your immediate and long-term career potential. And leaving a job after you have just begun? It can be all the more troubling. Before you make the move and quit your new job, consider the following: You’ll Make Enemies Read More …

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How to Stay Positive During the Job Search

November 09 2015

Everyone says to stay positive. But staying upbeat and happy go lucky during a job search can be challenging. Really challenging. In fact, it is especially as the time goes on and on and your luck is running dry. Yet, a positive attitude helps you land a job. As Thoreau once said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” Of course, this is easier said than done. Unless, of course, you have a plan in place for success. With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to stay motivated and maintain your enthusiasm during your job search. Eyes on the Prize Instead of obsessing over every missed opportunity, keep your eyes on your goal. You want to win the war, not the battle. And each Read More …

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Answering Tricky Interview Questions

November 02 2015

Interviews can be tricky. But some interviews can be trickier than others. If you have been on more than a few job interviews, you know this is true. Why the need for tricks? Because a prospective employer knows that they will be taking a gamble on you. Put simply, you are an investment. If they do not choose wisely, that investment may not pay off. And those tricky questions? They separate the great from the mediocre. Some of these questions may seem simple, but do not let that fool you. Here are three examples and how to answer those tricky interview questions and maximize your hire worthy potential. So, tell me about yourself. Ahh, the question asked and answered many times over a lifetime. Yet employers aren’t just looking for any answer. Read More …

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Connecting with Coworkers

October 26 2015

Connecting with your coworkers can be easy or hard. It may be more difficult for some than others, and vice versa. Yes, to an extent it is much like high school, but on a broader scale, connecting with your coworkers is really just a matter of creating a positive relationship. All too often, we view our coworkers as friend or foe. While competition can drive you, it can also be your Achilles heel if not careful. You want to play nice and work well with your coworkers, because it is a mutually beneficial relationship. Here’s how: Think Outside the Office Chances are, you can’t quite go up to an already established work group (especially if you are the “new guy/girl”) and approach making friends preschool style. This can be seen Read More …

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No Experience? No Problem.

October 19 2015

No experience? No problem. Except, if you been in the job market you know that it is actually a problem. To get a job, whether you’ve been working for years or just entered the market after graduation, you have to have experience. And in order to get experience? Well, someone has to hire you. It’s quite the paradox and incredibly frustrating. So what do you do when you lack the experience, but need and want the job? Here’s where to start. Resume Awesomeness Recruiters put job requirements up to weed out weak candidates. It doesn’t mean that the list is absolute. It’s all about how you market yourself. And the first step to marketing yourself in all the right ways is in writing a winning resume and cover letter. To Read More …

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The After Interview Waiting Game

October 12 2015

If you are lucky enough to have landed an interview, and are around to tell the tale, you know how stress inducing the interview waiting game can be. Did you get the job? Did they like you? Or worse- is it all bad. Bad, bad bad. Before you give up hope and resign to live your life unemployed and alone, relax and take a deep breath. Don’t drive yourself crazy. Here’s what to do after your interview to keep your sanity. Stay Focused Yes, you’ve had an interview, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got the job. It’s okay. You simply need to stay focused and stay sharp. Until you get that job offer and accept, you’re still on the market. Act like it and keep looking. This will help Read More …

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Want to Get Paid to Travel?

October 05 2015

If you love to travel, getting a job can sometimes be, well, limiting. After all, you can’t exactly take off at a moment’s notice to travel the globe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best of both worlds- traveling the world while also making money. That is why we’ve put together these travel-friendly jobs: Teacher What language do you speak? Want to teach others to speak it? If so, go forth and live the life you’ve dreamed. Going abroad to become an English teacher is a pretty common job. All you need is a certificate saying you are qualified to teach English as a foreign language. It’s as easy as that. You can even take the course in the comforts of your own bed. Travel Guide One of Read More …

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