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Why writing a good resume is important

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By Julia Richardson – Would you be able to write a job-winning resume right now if you absolutely had to? Many people believe that they could, but unfortunately the majority of resumes being submitted to employers and other hiring services never even get past the automation process—meaning that these resumes aren’t even being reviewed by actual people. While it is true that this is a big problem in the modern day workforce, there are ways that you can work around it. Essentially, it’s the precise reason why writing a good resume is so important.

Admittedly, if writing a resume isn’t one of your skills, you could opt to rely on the services of a company that specializes in writing resumes, such as Career Perfect. If you choose this option, there are several means available and that are affordable through the use of online coupons.

With that said, BEFORE you look for any type of resume writing services, you really should actually understand the importance of having a great resume and why it is crucial for your chances for employment.

Apart from reading well and having factual information, focus your attention on presentation. In fact, think of it as your resume’s first impression. Once formatting is mastered, turn your attention to the following areas.

Specific Skills Needed

Most of us know that our skills should be listed on our resume, yet this is one of the most common areas of the resume that people tend to fail simply because the issue isn’t addressed in the right way. You need to focus on how you are relaying your skills set to the person reading your resume. If you are unable to convey that you’re able to do the job then you won’t get an interview and won’t be hired. In order to do this, cater your skills to the position to which you are applying.

Be specific when listing your skills. Focus on those areas that will be most beneficial. After all, your retail experience in high school is great, but it shouldn’t take up valuable space if you’re applying to be a software engineer. Your internship as a software programmer, however, should be detailed in a way that includes specific skills beneficial to the potential job at hand.

Familiarity with the Company

Most are under the impression that you will need to only share what you know about the company during an interview, but being familiar with the company is yet another way to truly customize your resume in a way best suited for success. While it is a much more subtle action at this phase than in the interview phase, it is no less important.

Know their mission statement. Study their brand. Then, incorporate items that are important to them within the contents of your resume. Otherwise, there’s a chance your resume will be overlooked.

Quick Lasting Impression

Your resume is a representation of your brand. Much like a company aims through marketing techniques to advertise their brand; your resume is an advertisement of you. Therefore, you will need to show the person over hiring that you’re the right employee for the job with your resume in under a minute. What this means is that your resume needs to be straightforward and highlights your strong characteristics.

Avoid rambling on in your resume and stay away from using a run-on format. Be concise, direct, and show proper command of the English language (assuming you’re applying for a job in an English speaking country). This speaks volumes about your communication skills.

 Would you be able to write a job-winning resume right now if you absolutely had to? Many people believe that they could

Strong Reference Category

Yes you need to list references, but you need to list them in a reader-friendly way. Doing so gives the person reading it the point to whom you’re listing and how each person is relevant—personally and professionally. Be sure to list the strongest reference you have for the position you’re applying for and not just people who speak highly of you.


This is just as important at face value when your resume is first reviewed as it is during a reference check.


Essentially, writing your resume yourself tends to lead towards rambling on and you tend to highlight the points you think are important. A company looking for candidates doesn’t care about that, their focus is how you will fit in with their structure. Hence why a professional resume-writing service might be the golden ticket.

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Why Formatting Your Resume is Important

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By Julia Richardson – Picture if you will, you’re an employer or a recruiter and in front of you are two resumes. One is wall to wall text that contains a variety of fonts, bold words and even underlined words. The second contains a lot of information but you can read through it quickly because of the clear, crisp formatting. Of these two, which would you choose first?

Many of employers are evaluating multitudes of resumes each week and are more than likely going to go for that second resume to read first. This is because the second resume is easy on the eyes and can be read quickly. The first resume is the opposite.

If you want your resume to be ready by prospective employers and recruiters, then your best bet is to take the time and energy to revamp your resume or if you’re creating a resume for the first time, the below design tips will help you land an interview and ultimately a job.

Picture if you will, you're an employer or a recruiter and in front of you are two resumes.

Use White Space Liberally

You should use at least one-inch margins on your resume and be sure to leave a blank space between sections of text. This will allow for distinctive sets of information to be seen by the reader. As this article states, “White space is your friend.”

Use Two Fonts Maximum

It may be tempting to use a variety of fonts in a resume, but you should only use a max of 2. Using more can take away from your resume’s readability. Really you should stick to one font but if you want to use 2 then you should be sure that they correspond well together.

Also, avoid using playful fonts (think comic sans). Here is a list of the best resume fonts for reference.

Use Bold and Italics rarely and avoid Underlining

Yes bolding previous job titles and italicizing subheading in each document section is fine. However, avoid using underlining as studies have found that underlined text can be difficult to read.

Use Bullet Points

You should use bullet points in order to emphasize your skills and accomplishments. This also helps the reader of your resume be able to skim through it quickly and notice your key points you’re making.

Be Consistent

Above all, be consistent when formatting your resume. For example, if you choose to use all caps when presenting previous places of employment, be sure that all company titles are in all caps. Being consistent in your resume helps to establish an easy reading pattern for potential employers and will give your resume the attention that it deserves.

By following these key tips, you will be able to create a solid resume that will help you to sell it’s content to employers. Remember, you want your resume to be easily scannable. If an employer has to look too hard to find your information, he or she likely will not bother looking at all.

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Harassment in the Workplace

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By Julia Richardson – We often hear the phrase “harassment in the workplace” with little thought as to what it actually means and the legal ramifications.

Generally speaking, harassment in the workplace could be verbal or physical harassment and if based on sex, race or religion and is both unlawful and discrimination.

Any unwelcome or discriminatory conduct is considered to be harassment by law when it is such a problem that it has a negative impact on the working environment. If a supervisor is the one who is doling out the harassment that has the result of an obvious change to salary of an employee or their status then this is also considered to be unlawful workplace harassment.


Types of Harassment

  • Sex
  • Gender or Gender Identity
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Skin Color
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Physical or Mental Disability
  • Age

While harassment is a form of workplace discrimination, discrimination is not always harassment. Because it is categorized under workplace discrimination, however, harassment in the workplace violates several federal laws.

The workplace harassment that can take place is not limited to just sexual harassment and it also doesn’t preclude to same-gender harassment. It can be about any kind of personal characteristic and takes place between two people. This includes co-workers, managers, or even between non-employees such as clients, contractors or vendors. The victim doesn’t even have to be the target of the harassment; it could be anyone that has been affected by the offending behavior.

Types of Sexual Harassment

There are several ways in which sexual harassment in the workplace can manifest. The following list includes common areas of sexual harassment.

  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Pregnancy Based Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Retaliation Related Sexual Harassment


Additionally, if an employer is notified of an offense and fails to correct it or take the appropriate behavior to eliminate the source of the harassment, he or she (or the company as a whole) may be liable for their failure.


Quid Pro Quo vs. Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment typically falls under two categories under harassment laws: Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment. Quid pro quo refers to sexual harassment that involves an exchange of sexual favors. An example of this would be a raise or promotion being granted on the basis of a sex act—however big or small.

Hostile work environment sexual harassment claims are those that do not involve the exchange of sexual favors, but that include verbal harassment involving sex or lewd comments directed at an employee. An example of this would be an employee being subjected to sexual comments at work.

During the Job Interview

You don’t have to be hired in order to file a harassment claim. Did you know that harassment could also take place during a job interview? This happens when you are harassed based on one of the above traits. If a potential employer offers you on a job, on the condition of sexual advances, it is harassment. Similarly, lewd comments or inappropriate behavior you may be subjected to throughout the job interview process.

According to some estimates, there are as many as 14,000 reported cases of harassment in the workplace each year on the federal level, with at least half of all women report having experienced sexual harassment. Federal law covers harassment, but state-level harassment laws vary from state to state. In some states, for example, harassment based upon sexual orientation may not be explicitly illegal. For this reason, it is important to review your state’s workplace harassment and discrimination laws.

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