Avoid getting fired, or try to get fired

November 26 2013

Sometimes we sabotage our jobs because we want to quit our jobs. On the extreme end we might have sordid affairs at the office (getting it on with a co-worker when you know you shouldn’t), but more common are the little sins we commit in an office or workplace that serve to protest our wanting to get fired. Dumb.com has a clever little collection of dumb reasons I got fired, includes those who asked for it (i.e., I secretly gave my boss Ex-lax constipation medicine instead of chocolate) to those who let their personal life get in the way of their professional one (i.e., I let my ex-boyfriend into the Pizza Hut where I was working and we got drunk and passed out on the floor of the restaurant). Perhaps the very best rant was posted anonymously under the headline ‘Mean Boss’, but it would seem that the employee might learn a thing or two about dealing with an abusive boss or co-worker in the workplace:

I was working as a marketing executive at an IT firm. My boss was handicapped, short, and a very loud, rude mouth. He was (is still) the meanest and most cruel boss on the face of the Planet! Well one day a customer walked into our premises with a laptop that he had previously bought from us. He claimed it was faulty and started yelling and demanding his money back. I was the one who officiated the sale so when it came to my boss’ attention, he blew off the roof. He started cursing me and yelling at me as to how i suck at my job. Then he went on to abuse my mum. That was it! I got into a fit, grabbed his neck, pulled him out of the wheel chair and threw him out the window!… (lucky for him we were on the gound floor…) He called me “the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen” so I told him that only an idiot employs an idiot! Ofcourse after that i was fired, ordered to pay for the broken window. – dumb.com

Getting sloppy with our work on purpose is not a laughing matter. It’s the little infractions on a job that lead to getting fired, and getting fired means you’ll have a hard time finding another job. Stealing paper clips from the office or spending too much time on Facebook in the afternoons might go unnoticed for a while, but remember that these little sins are not often lost to bosses who might one day tally them up, then decide it’s time for you to go. Perhaps it’s better to recognize your unhappiness and take action to leave before that inevitable time comes. Take your future in your own hands!


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