Bad boss, bad coworker and a bad work environment

November 14 2013

Bullying and intimidating has taken a front seat in today’s culture wrought with ego maniacal CEOs that glorify the prodigal genius at the expense of the average worker. So let’s take a look at what the common scheme is for abuse in the workplace. There’s actually a recognizable recipe for abuse that can help you address and change your situation.

A recent survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute concluded that more than 35 percent of Americans reported being bullied at work. Sexual harassment and racial discrimination have subsided, only to be replaced by the underbelly of human egos, manifesting in bullying. Bullying typically takes place when the least competent manager attempts to compensate for his or her lack of real contribution to the business, which results in the offender pushing himself forward to be noticed in ways that are meant to let everyone else know whose presence is biggest. It is helpful to recognize the patter, then take action to make a change.

Recognizing the cycle of an abusive boss or coworker

Workplace abuse falls into a common pattern that is frightfully common in today’s work environment:

  1. Cycle of AbuseBullying – Your boss or coworker attacks our pesters you with regular abuse, with the purpose to make you feel bad
  2. Sorrow – After intimidating you, your boss or coworker blames him or herself for the bullying portrayed. But their sorrow has more to do with them getting in trouble with others than any sorrow over what they’ve done to you.
  3. Excuses – They make excuses such as “it was a high stress situation” or “I was under a lot of pressure at that time
  4. Return to Normal – They do everything they can to gain control over themselves and stop the abusive behavior. They may act as if nothing happened or seem especially charming. This is called the honeymoon phase
  5. Plan of Attack – Believe it or not, these people find it necessary to bully and pester, so they’ll begin to make plans for how they’re going to bully again. They look for mistakes you’ve made and character shortcomings, then attack.
  6. Scheme – The abusers puts their plans into action and create the scenarios where the bullying can start again


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