Breaking Up is Hard To Do!

January 30 2012

Is the magic gone in your job? What about your relationship with your partner? Staying in the job you don’t like is a little like staying in a relationship with a partner you can’t get along with. While divorce rates are well above 50% in the United States there should be no surprise that the numbers of individuals who leave their jobs within 5 years are even higher. We’re an uncommitted society, to be sure, but there may be some insight gained by analyzing the two most important commitments in an adult’s life (speaking nothing of children!).

Would you leave a relationship if you knew your partner would gain riches next year? Would you leave your job if you suddenly received double your current pay? Is it a fair comparison?

Most people leave their job because of low pay. A recent article points to surprising statistics on other reasons to leave (–and-should-you-2011-3):

  • Low pay (47 percent of women, 44 percent of men);
  • Lack of opportunity (36 percent of women, 32 percent of men);
  • No chance for career advancement (33 percent of women, 34 percent of men).

A promise to stay in your job “for better or worse” was never made, so what’s the big deal with quitting a job? Perhaps there are issues outside the scope of the above mentioned article that you should take into account. Think relationship with your partner. Here’s what you risk if you quit your relationship:

  • Boredom
  • Lack of Socialization
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Deteriorating Physical Health
  • Decreased Learning
  • Finding a Worse Match Next Round
  • Regret for What Could Have Been

It’s a bit of a stretch but the analogies definitely apply to quitting a job. So, the next time you’re deciding on quitting a job, approach it like you would splitting up with a partner. It’s gonna hurt.

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