How to get dad to quit his job

March 04 2014

Julia Richardson By Julia Richardson –
If your dad is miserable with his current job, it may be time to move on. It’s difficult enough to be miserable yourself, but to watch someone you love live in misery can be even more difficult. You can see the negative impact of the job and the toll it’s taking on your dad, but how do you convince your dad that quitting is the best course of action when he may not even see it as an option at all? Here are a few tips to consider when making your case.


Miserable Dad

Miserable Dad

  1. Know your motives. Not only do you want to be sincere in your intentions, but you also want to examine your motives to determine the exact reason or reasons that you feel your dad should quit. You want to be concise and to the point, and that means you must know where to start.  Knowing your motives allows you to establish your position, which is the key to an effective argument.
  2. Research facts. In order to present a convincing case, you need to have your facts straight. If, after analyzing your motives, you determine that his misery is a symptom of stress, Study the symptoms of stress and its long-term health effects. Researching facts will show your dad that you’ve put a lot of thought into him and his distress, and that you’re concerned.
  3. Formulate a plan.  Quitting your job is a big deal. Generations before were conditioned to tough it out and stay in one job for the entirety of their career. Chances are, your dad doesn’t even consider quitting an option, no matter how concerned you are. Prove that it is. Find other job leads. Think about the time-line, develop a budget, and calculate the payoff. If you want him to quit, you’ll need to have a plan in place.
  4. Listen. After you present your case, listen to your dad and his thoughts. Validate his concerns. Once again, express your own feelings and reiterate your plan for action. He may have a lot to say, he may not, but you’ve put the idea in his head. Brush up on your listening skills with Forbes’ 10 step plan for effective listening.
  5. Offer Support. Ultimately, the decision to quit is in your dad’s hands. It’s his decision, not yours. Support him. Let him know that you are there for him. If he decides to quit, support and help him in his job search. If he opts to stay put, encourage him use relaxation techniques to reduce his stress levels and find happiness from other sources. He needs to know that his self-worth is not dependent on work-related success.

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