Exit interview tips after I quit my job?

May 27 2014

By Julia Richardson – Most people do not attach much importance to their exit interview once they quit their initial job. But they should. It matters that you leave gracefully. Don’t think it doesn’t matter much since you have already left your job right. You may be surprised to know that you can suffer from consequences if you give a poor exit interview, which can also ruin any goodwill you may have built. Hence, you can follow these exit interview tips to ensure that your exit interview goes as well as your initial interview did:

Prepare for the interview
Speaking impromptu may later lead you to regret some of the things you end up saying. Hence, it is always a good idea to prepare answers for potential questions that may be asked in the exit interview. You may be surprised to know that most exit interviews consist of the same questions. These exit interview tips include:

  • Your reasons for deciding to leave the company.
  • The reasons for choosing your new company over the current one.
  • Your feelings regarding the company culture, co-workers, managers and the opportunity for career development.

Focus on the positives
If there is any incident that you remember that genuinely touched you, such as a manager who went out of his way to make you feel comfortable in the company, be sure to mention it in the interview. This not only provides the company with information that can help them decide whether they are going in the right direction, it also ends things amiably.

Avoid outright negative criticism
You may consider this is an opportunity for getting things off your chest and voicing your opinions about every single thing you did not appreciate. However, it would be appropriate to remember that these interviews may not always be kept private, and hence may result in loss of goodwill if there is outright criticism.

Avoid criticizing anyone directly, no matter how valid your point is. Instead, use more generic terms without resorting to blaming specific people for the problems you may have faced.

Do not let your emotions get the better of you
Keeping in line with the earlier mentioned advice, it is not a good idea to consider the exit interview as a chance to get things off your chest. It will serve no ultimate purpose apart from ending up on your permanent record and may result in other people viewing you with suspicion. Furthermore, you may be asked why you did not mention such negative events earlier instead of mentioning them now, when no action can be taken for your benefit.

tips after I quit my job

Do not burn your bridges
Never completely cut off your previous employers. It is a good idea to end things on a positive note rather than alienating your ex-employers. After all, you never know when you need their help for a future job. You may soon forget any mistreatment that you may have suffered as time passes, but your bosses will never forget the way you criticized them as you exited.

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