How to get paid after quitting your job

January 14 2014

Julia Richardson By Julia Richardson –

Unemployment insurance is designed to offer a bit of protection in the form of compensation if you are laid off from your job. From determining eligibility, filing a claim and receiving benefits, the process can be tedious. While some states, such as New York, offer online calculators to assist in approximating how much compensation you’ll receive, most states do not.

So how much will unemployment insurance pay you? While an exact number is difficult to determine, if you keep the following points in mind you can easily estimate your payment amount.

In order to qualify for unemployment insurance, you must be laid off from your job by no fault of your own. You can’t quit your job or be fired. Typically, when you apply for unemployment compensation, your former place of employment will be contacted and/or interviewed to ensure your reason for departure meets these guidelines. Unemployment Insurance PaysYou must also have been employed for a minimum amount of time as determined by each state. Texas, for example, requires that an applicant earn wages in more than one yearly base quarter. Other, more specific eligibility requirements vary from state to state. These requirements are used to determine how much you can receive and for how long.

Prior Wages & State Maximums
Your wages prior to termination is one factor used to determine how much unemployment insurance will be paid to you on a weekly basis. Each state, however, has a set maximum.  You can see a full list at Since these figures may fluctuate over time, I also recommend that you contact your state’s unemployment office or visit its website. The U.S. Department of Labor offers a full list of contact information and website addresses by state and/or U.S. territory.

Duration of Benefits & Continuing Eligibility
The length of time in which you are eligible to receive unemployment insurance also varies by state and is typically determined by the date you become unemployed. The exact weeks benefits are received is set by each state Some states, like Ohio, may require that you reapply each week to continue receiving benefits, up to that states maximum number of payments allowed.

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