Give a parting gift when quitting your job

November 28 2013

There is social protocol that says the one who is quitting a job should do it gracefully. In fact, the more gracefully you exit, the better the reference will be when you’re looking for another job. Despite the temptation to burn bridges you should avoid the sudden or rude departure and play the gentleman or the lady. Giving gifts is also a way to demonstrate that you’re above any problems that were going on while there.

A good rule of thumb to follow is never to give gifts that have significant value, whether you are leaving your job or giving gifts around the holidays. Baked goods are always a hit because there’s thought that goes into it. You’ve got a better chance of making people happy through their stomach than through any trinkets. Unless of course you are the boss, then it’s always welcome to give gift cards to your employees. Flowers can go plenty far in smoothing out a rough year in the office.

Whatever you decide to give, do it with sincerity and equally. Distributing gifts unevenly in an office can be bad, unless established rules of departmental division are clearly stated up front. Also, be sure to check with Human Resource managers to ensure there are no explicit policies against giving gifts. Even if you’re leaving, you shouldn’t violate stated policies, or put employees in an awkward situation whereby they are accepting a gift against office rules.

Top five parting gifts when quitting your job

  1. Take them out to drinks – Nothing says goodbye like picking up the bar tab. This is a safe way for everyone to get out of the office and feel remind themselves that it’s not all about the work, after all.
  2. “Kiss My $#%” custom M&Ms – We’re not saying you should burn bridges here, so why not create your custom candies with something nice: “So Long, Be Well!”
  3. Random office supplies left in your desk – These vultures already have an eye on that red stapler you’ve greedily guarded. You know you can’t take it with you, so you might as well gift it to the next sucker who can guard it greedily.
  4. Coffee gift cards – You can load up on these cards from your local coffee shop, and support their caffeine addition at the same time. Nothing says thank you like nurturing coffee addicts!
  5. Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder – Well, if you are feeling a little bitter about being tied down at the job, you can show your feelings by giving this novelty gift. Available at



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