Hate Job?

November 07 2013

Hate your job? Get in line! Complaining about a bad job at a party is something similar to bringing up the subject of politics at a birthday party, or discussing the merits of birth control at a pro-life rally. Needless to say, it’ll likely fall on deaf ears if you’re using the nonconstructive word “hate”. The point here is that we should consider whether we want to bring down the mood of a conversation BEFORE we bring up our hate for a boss, co-worker or a job as a whole.

As the old joke goes, Do you hate your job? Oh, right, there’s a support group for that called EVERYBODY. They hold meetings every day at the bar. But do you really want to be that person bringing everyone down with what they already know? Believe me, they know you’re miserable because you’ve been ranting and raving about it since, well, forever.

Hate the word Hate

Hate is an overused word, one that is more in line with racial or cultural problems, not your impression of going to work. There are concrete procedures to follow if you have problems with an abusive boss or coworker. And there are ways to deal with that terror you’re feeling. Here are a few steps to take to take the “hate” out of your job.

Hate Job? Take the hate out by finding a new job!

  1. Introspect – Why do I hate my current job and what feelings does it illicit in me? Is it the place, or is it just me?
  2. What is it? – After looking at yourself, then you should list out the things on a sheet of paper that you don’t like.
  3. Talk – Have you addressed your problem with your immediate boss? They will likely have an opinion on how to help.
  4. Be Optimistic – You can fake it until you make it into another job. Nothing good comes from being Debbie-downer or Johnny-raincloud
  5. Be Professional – Don’t sabotage yourself and bring down your coworkers at the same time. Nothing good ever came from cutting your nose off despite your face.
  6. Set goals – Again, take steps to plan a career change.
  7. Change – If you’ve gone through all these steps and you are still hating your job, then now’s the time to change jobs responsibly.

Notice that there is nothing about bitching and moaning to your friends and family. That’s not a concrete course of action, although it may help you feel better about yourself in the short term. The key to understanding and devising a plan of action is to work on what it takes to get out of the bad situation. Be organized and be successful in loving your next job.

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