How to Get out of a Career Rut

July 06 2015

A career rut can happen to the best of us. It doesn’t matter if you love your job or not, eventually the honeymoon is over and the thrill is gone. It’s not that you no longer care about your job, you have just lost that spark, that passion, that drive. It’s been replaced by complacency and you find that you’re just going through the motions.

Should you quit?

While only you can answer that, a career rut is much like a mid-life crisis in career form. It’s not your job; it’s you. So before you decide to throw in the towel and look for greener pastures, try these tips to dig yourself out.

Take a Vacation

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective. With this in mind, take a vacation and practice mindfulness along the way. Think about what you don’t like and how you got where you are in your career. Identify the obstacles you feel are keeping you from becoming the enthusiastic, driven person of your dreams.

Whether it’s a full-length vacation or a few days off, come back to work with a clean slate and a new outlook.

Create New Habits

If going through the motions is driving you insane, stop and change your motions. Mix up your routine. Ask for new projects. Set new goals. Talk to different departments. Wake up earlier. Drink less coffee. Read more. Talk more. Work out. Eat Healthy.

Change at least one thing. Create at least one new habit. Sometimes one small deviation from the monotony of life can have a big impact.

Learn Something New

Do you have a bucket list? Ever wish you could do that one thing? Learn it. Do it. Strike passion in other areas of your life and your outlook may change drastically as a whole. Sometimes a career rut is merely a symptom, but the problem lies elsewhere.

Network Beyond the Office

Sometimes we spend too much time in the office, so take your networking skills beyond the company walls. Talk to other professionals and get inspired. An external perspective on life and work can prove helpful in truly evaluating your own.

In the end you may find it really isn’t you, but before you scream “I QUIT” from the rooftops, explore these alternatives. You may surprise yourself.

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