The Wait: Should You Call or Email?

September 07 2015

In some instances it may be better that an applicant call the hiring manager or the potential employer and other cases they may be better off sending an email. Making the right decision in terms of contact methods can help give an applicant a one up on the competition while searching for a job. While it is true that a phone call is a more personal approach, it can be construed as being to forward.

So, should you call or email? Well, it depends. There are two types of waiting periods that everyone is familiar in the job search process. They are the wait for the interview and the wait for the job offer.

The Interview Wait

Everyone knows that waiting to receive an interview call can seem like pure torture as you check your phone several times a day in anticipation. After sending your resume and waiting for three to four business days, you should place a follow-up call to the hiring managers to inquire if they have started their interview process or if they are still accepting resumes.

Many people wonder if they should call so soon after submitting the resume but it pays to be proactive about the job you wish to have and when you work to get your foot in the door it shows the employer that you have initiative. Anyone who really wants the job and puts forth their best effort to get it, will be the winning candidate in the eyes of the employer.

The Job Offer Wait

Your resume has been sent and the interview went well and you are now waiting to hear back with a job offer. This wait period can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. A good practice is to thank the interviewer via email within the 24 to 48 hours following your interview. However, by calling and sending an email you can come off as being presumptuous and you want to avoid that. In its place, send a positive email that shows your interest in the position. If a week or two pass, then you can call or if you’re nervous you can follow up with an email instead. If they have not come to a decision yet you can ask if you are one of the candidates they are considering and if they can provide you with a time frame. This phone call can help ease your mind and let you know where you stand.

It is crucial during this process to stay professional, appreciative and friendly.

The form of communication you use and when depends on your ends- what is more appropriate in one instance may not be in another. So, what are you waiting for? It matters.

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