Should I Quit My Job In This Economy

March 11 2014

Contrary to popular belief, even in times of a bad economy, not only is it possible to quit your job, but if you’re working a dead end job, then it may even be advisable to quit. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just pick up and leave… not without first making sure that you’re quitting your job for a good reason and then, if you are, coming up with a clear, comprehensive strategy before you hand in your letter of resignation.

 To really determine the answer to the question of “Should I quit my job in this economy” will require you to determine whether you’re just facing a temporary setback at the workplace or if it’s just the job itself that’s the problem. Sometimes we want to flee when we make a mistake or when times seem rocky which is why it’s important to really dig deep inside oneself to figure out why you want to quit your job. A few reasons that may indicate that it’s time to resign include the following:

  • You aren’t sure this is the career for you anymore. Are you questioning whether you are happy in the chosen profession? Some professionals go for decades in a job and suddenly decide they truly aren’t cut out for the job and go in a completely different direction in order to find happiness. Examine which aspects of the job bring you down, but also which areas you love.
  • You don’t like the company (or certain people or its vision/goals, etc). If you feel affinity to your career choice, but wonder if you’re working for the right employer, you may just need to determine if it’s the entire company you don’t like, its future direction or just the folks in your department or surrounding team––or all three.
  • You’re feeling overworked without it being compensated or recognized that you’ve taken on more work. Have you experienced any major changes at work? During a tough economy, companies often cut back and give remaining workers more tasks without additional pay. Consider if the company may just be going through tough times. If you can stick it out, the company will hopefully come out the other end on top and you could be better for staying around.
  • The company is failing or gradually imploding and you want to be long gone before this actually happens.


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