Should I Quit My Job?

November 12 2013

The age-old question is more talk than action these days. Find me someone who has never asked themselves “Should I quit my job” and you’ve found someone who has never had to work for his or her own money. At some point in your life, regardless of your success, you’re going to dislike what you’re doing enough to ask the question. But quitting your job outright, without another job in the wings, is something to be avoided. NEVER quit your job unless there’s a serious problem with the workplace, in which case you should file a federal discrimination complaint immediately or file a complaint about job health issues.

Quit for a Good Reason

More likely, you are gauging what it means to be in an unhealthy environment, wanting to grow into a new career, or simply deciding that you are ready for a new and wonderful career path that is different from what you’ve been doing. We’re talking about not burning bridges. If you are in an unhealthy job environment, it beggars the worker to take action to get out of it. There are a few tools we can use to evaluate whether to quit the job (including taking the test). In other words, don’t just talk about getting out of an abusive job; instead, evaluate the situation, make an action plan and then execute. A few tried and true procedures can help accomplish this task responsibly and quickly.

  1. Should-I-Quit-My-JobNo Communication – Do you receive emails from your coworkers or managers about problem matters when they are only steps away? Do you find that people tip-toe around big problems with no one willing to call out a bigger problem? Do you find that there is a blackout about what’s going on in a firm?
  2. Bad Leadership – Do you see the managers and senior directors are not doing their work? Do you find that there is no sense of direction of what to do next? Do you find yourself surfing the Internet because you’re waiting on management to tell you where to go next? Do you not respect the boss?
  3. Sink or Swim – Do you find yourself in situations where coworkers or managers could train you on how to do something but repeatedly don’t? Do you find that there’s a general misunderstanding for how the work should be done? Is there a sense that nobody knows what the heck is going on?
  4. Teamless – No support, no help, no cohesion, no feeling of responsibility spread across the department or business? Are you in it together or going it alone?
  5. No feedback Given – Do you find there is nobody willing to feedback to you, or if they do it’s acerbic criticism or general praise? Do you have periodic and scheduled reviews of the work?
  6. Dead-end Job – Is there no chance of advancement within the company? Is there little or no learning of job skills? Is it a path to stagnation?
  7. Checking it In – Is there a sense that nobody around you really cares and is merely showing up to collect paychecks? Is there a feeling that monotony rules the roost? Are you bored consistently?
  8. Crappy Office – Does the quality of the work environment suck?
  9. Bad Pay – Nothing further needed to be said about not making what you deserve.
  10. Dislike Job – Nothing will improve your situation if you don’t like the work you’re doing. If you’re doing it for the money, glory or for the power then you’re likely to make yourself and those around you (including your family) miserable along the way.


Have you ever asked yourself the question “Should I quit my job“? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments on whether you quit your job or not and if so, for what reason.

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