Signs You Should Quit Your Job

January 02 2014

The New Year has just passed and many of us will resolve to do a whole host of things in 2014. While some will vow to get to the gym or eat healthier, others will pledge to ask for more money or get a promotion. However, what do you do if you’re at a job that you are no longer happy with? Perhaps your resolution should be to quit your job — while coming to a decision on sticking around or leaving your current job to explore new opportunities can be one of the more difficult decisions that you’ll need to deal with in your life, there’s no better time to do so then now as part of your New Year’s resolution which is why we’ve come up with four signs you should quit your job, helping to make the decision process a little easier.

If you find your work isn't meaningful, it's a sign you should quit your job. Bored on the job? Maybe it’s time to quit then.


1. You find your work isn’t meaningful or just plain boring. When you’re looking for multiple shortcuts to getting the job done, getting to work as late as you can and leaving as early as possible, then it’s time to start thinking about leaving your job. Doing the bare minimum at work is probably the biggest sign you should quit your job as you aren’t doing yourself or your employers any favors by hanging around.

If the company you’re working for has tasked you with responsibilities that don’t resonate with your values or you’re just doing something that you aren’t passionate about, you will never tap your true potential and will never be happy. Lethargy, boredom and false starts should be indicators that you are struggling to fit into a job that isn’t right for you.

Before you give in your notice, make sure you reflect on what your actual goals and values are so that you don’t take on another job that will make you as unhappy as your current one. Once you’ve determined what you’re passionate about, brush up the skill necessary to get your dream job so that you ensure that you are marketable.

Has the relationship between you and management changed for the worse?

2. Your working relationship with your boss is deteriorating. Has your relationship with your boss, both on a working and personal basis, taken a turn for the worst? Perhaps things were going well for years before a shift in the organization’s culture and management’s leadership. Or perhaps you’ve always had a rocky relationship with your boss. In either case, if you’re being tasked with additional responsibilities while having fewer resources at your disposal and are still being paid the same amount, then perhaps it’s time to think about resigning.

Another sign that it’s time to give in your notice is if you have a boss that’s a bully. Did you know that, according to a survey commissioned by Lynn Taylor a workplace expert specializing in boss and employee dynamics, the typical employee worries what their boss will say and do about a third of the work week.  Furthermore, a survey done by staffing company OfficeTeam finds that 46 percent of those polled reported having worked for an “unreasonable boss.”

While it may be possible to find a way to deal with your difficult boss, many times you may find that there’s nothing you can do. In most organizations it’s difficult, if not impossible, for a subordinate to get their boss fired and it can actually backfire if you are contemplating methods on how to get your boss fired, which is why in many cases you’re better off giving in your notice.

Not Getting Paid Enough

3. You aren’t getting paid enough. As mentioned above, if you’re being given more work due to downsizing or for other reasons, but you aren’t being adequately compensated, then it’s time to make like a tree and leave in search of greener pastures.

You shouldn’t be working for a company that’s making you feel lucky just to receive a paycheck. Even in this current economy, you should be getting a salary or at least other perks that reflect the work you are doing, especially if your work evaluations are positive. Don’t just stand by and allow your job to take advantage of you — if you believe you deserve a raise and your company isn’t willing to give you one then quit as soon as you can!

Your Job Is Making You Sick

4. You’re job is making you sick. Stress from your job can make just as much of an impact on your health as having an actual cold. If you notice that you are gaining or losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time or are feeling excruciating pain in your body, then your job may be placing you under too much pressure for you to handle. While company culture may make you think that stress is all part of a day’s work, don’t fool yourself. Long-term stress can have future repercussions that can cause wear and tear to our bodies. A recent study showed that a high-pressure job nearly doubled the risk of heart attack in women and another study found that chronic stress can be just as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes. With such terrible side effects, it’s clear that that you should consider other job options.

If you’ve come up against any of the above signs you should quit your job. The only thing that’s scarier than leaving, is staying at a job that you hate.

Not sure if it’s time to leave your job? Take our job quiz to determine whether you should quit your job.

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