Want to Get Paid to Travel?

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If you love to travel, getting a job can sometimes be, well, limiting. After all, you can’t exactly take off at a moment’s notice to travel the globe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best of both worlds- traveling the world while also making money.

That is why we’ve put together these travel-friendly jobs:


What language do you speak? Want to teach others to speak it? If so, go forth and live the life you’ve dreamed. Going abroad to become an English teacher is a pretty common job. All you need is a certificate saying you are qualified to teach English as a foreign language. It’s as easy as that. You can even take the course in the comforts of your own bed.

Travel Guide

One of the more obvious ways to spend your work days traveling is to become a travel guide yourself. Go on a cycling tour through France. Visit museums. Talk to tourists and locals alike. Learn about history. Absorb the culture. Experience what it means to discover people and places. Oh, and get paid to do it.

Diving Instructor

If you love the ocean, you may want to consider becoming a diving instructor. Spend your days in the sun and sand and tropical blue waters, living life to its fullest. The Asia pacific area is where most opportunity is in this area, so if you love the water and adventure- this could be your dream job.


Nurses are awesome. Traveling nurses? Just as awesome, but meant for those who love their profession, but equally love to travel and enjoy a change of scenery. Stay stateside taking temp jobs in different areas. Go abroad and do the same. Help others. Travel. Get paid.

Stage Hand

If you love music and think of yourself as a roadie, pay day or not, consider helping out (paid, of course) as a hired hand. There’s lighting, instrument care, and more. Honestly, there’s a lot to be done each day on each stop to make sure things go as planned. Why be a roadie for free when you can be a roadie and get paid.

All five of these are a few of many awesome jobs available if you think outside of the box. If you telecommute, you might even consider being a digital nomad of sorts. Travel, work as usual, it’s all in a day’s work.

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4 Recommendations From Hiring Managers

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There is a significant gap between the number of applicants and the number of jobs available today. This means you need to do whatever you can to make your first impression count. While there are many ways you can go about this, here are some of the ways recommended by hiring managers themselves.


Ever since man has learned to talk, humor has probably been more important than any other form of conversation. This is due to the fact that humor makes you stand out and the other person is more likely to remember you if you said something funny. Of course, you always need to remember that there is a line which you cannot cross or you will be remembered, if only for negative reasons.

A mutual friend

The importance of a mutual friend between you and the hiring manager cannot be understated. While it may seem unfair, the mutual friend has a better chance of explaining your character and the benefits of hiring you. Furthermore, the hiring manager is more likely to believe someone he knows previously than someone he is meeting for the first time.

Share your ideas

If you have extensive knowledge regarding the company or even better, a specific project that the company is carrying out, you can share ideas you have that will help in the execution of the project. This will show that you can adapt to the needs of the company and play a vital role.


There is a chance that you will not be appreciated at the level you deserve immediately. You may need to persist and continue to convince them that you deserve a chance. There’s a possibility that the company may consider your persistence as a sign of your dedication.

However, as with humor, there is a thin line which you need to avoid crossing or else you may be considered to be annoying and even creepy, which are attributes that will destroy any chance you have of getting the job.

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