The importance of a vacation while job hunting

July 01 2014

By Julia Richardson – A quick and easy way to ensure you’ll burn out at the job search is to push yourself too hard without a break. While it’s tempting for employers and employees alike to push harder and do more at work, this mentality can also transfer to those who are out of work. Not taking a break can be detrimental to your health, as well as to the health of your family. This means taking a break is not only wanted, it’s also necessary. The importance of a vacation while job hunting cannot be underestimated.

According to National Geographic, only 14% of American workers take vacation. Although this may seem like a good thing, or as a testament to the endurance and perseverance of the American worker, it undermines productivity and impacts your performance at work, as well as negatively impacting your physical and mental health. If you’re ever tempted to cash in those vacation days in favor of more work, consider the following.

Why Vacation is Good
Just like you need sleep to survive, you need vacation. In fact, the consequences of not taking a vacation are eerily similar to the consequences of insufficient sleep. When you do not a break, your concentration suffers and you are less able to see clearly. This impacts decision-making, conflict resolution, creative thinking, and problem solving ability. Additionally, stress levels increase, heightening anxiety and the risk of obesity and heart disease. A break from the work norm or job search can give you a renewed perspective and energy to accomplish more than before.

Importance of vacation during job search

What Vacation Means
You may think of vacation as traveling, which of course costs money, but think of vacation as a break. You don’t have to go anywhere, you only need to take a break from work or a job search and break your routine. While doing something you enjoy during your time off will provide the most benefits, it doesn’t have to be an expensive or extravagant affair. Even the simple act of turning off the phone and heading to the golf course is beneficial.

How Vacation is More Than You
Vacation doesn’t only benefit you – it ultimately benefits your employer or future employer as well. When people don’t take vacation, morale and productivity decreases and people make bad decisions. When taking a new job, you should be fully aware of the circumstances and not stressed out because of the long search. Work will always be there. Taking a break from the search doesn’t make it disappear. Not taking a break does, however, ensure that you will not be as efficient at your job search, or if you are working you will pay the expense of your own mental health as well as the expense of your employer and coworkers.

Just because you take a vacation doesn’t you are a slacker. The importance of a vacation while job hunting is proven in this fact – other countries like Switzerland and Sweden, who boast strong economies and productivity, embrace vacation time both for those working and those who are not. You work hard and deserve and require a break from time to time. So before you opt out of time off, remember that you’ve earned it.

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