Three Office Etiquette Tips You Need to Consider

July 29 2014

By Julia Richardson – In order to be successful in an office setting, there is an unwritten code for employees to follow in terms of their workplace etiquette if they wish to be successful. Proper workplace etiquette is the norm for office behavior that is acceptable all over the world. Obviously good etiquette in the workplace includes having good manners and being courteous to others and also includes using the office technology in an appropriate manner.

Below are three tips for having good etiquette in the workplace.

  1. Dressing appropriately for work. If your workplace has a dress code that is business casual and you’re not quite sure what would be appropriate attire or not, make it a point to ask. Many employers are choosing to go with a business casual dress code and some people are unclear on what business casual means. Some people take business casual to mean khaki pants and collared shirts, other types of casual pants, dresses that are casual and so on. However, some company’s business casual dress code excludes clothing like jeans or shoes that are open-toed. If you meet with clients outside your office you may require to dress differently than you do when you’re in the office. The normal and accepted rule for this would be to dress like your client or a step above. It’s best to check with your supervisor first though. There’s a popular saying that you should “dress for the job you want”. In other words, if you dress like a member of management, then it is safe to assume you’re probably dressed appropriately for work.
  2. Using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  As children we are taught that ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are the “magic words” that should be used when asking for something and then receiving what was asked for. Obviously we have outgrown our parents and other adults reminding us to use the “magic words” but these words are still crucial. After all, every language uses words in with the same meaning, and manners are especially important at work. You should still be saying please and thank you in the business world at every chance. If you make a habit to use these courteous words, you are showing respect for those that you’re dealing with. Regardless if you work in customer service, you should still be using customer’s service with your fellow employees and management. Doing so proves to your superiors that you can be a go-to person because you are always pleasant to deal with.
  3. Being a team player. In the workplace there are many expectations that you should be able to work with different people and clients on projects throughout your employment. Sometimes it can be rough working with certain personalities and that is exactly why clear communication is key. A big part of proper workplace etiquette is being able to work well with others and being able to communicate effectively. Step back and listen to the other person’s point of view. While you may not always be able to agree with their point of view, you can learn something new by remaining open to their perspective and being respectful of it.

Office Manners

Here are some other workplace etiquette tips you can follow to maintain positive work relationships:

  • Being friendly and encourage your co-workers
  • Be responsible for your actions. – If for some reason you can’t complete a task, make sure to communicate this to all it effects.
  • Be considerate to any office mates you may share a workspace with
  • Dwell on co-workers and managements positive qualities
  • Keep out of office drama and gossip
  • Communication is key!

It’s not hard to learn to use proper workplace etiquette, but it is a skill you should always be using throughout your career no matter where you work. It will help you get far and your co-workers, bosses and clients will thank you for it.

Office Manners

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