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January 04 2011

You are looking for a job. Your resume is ready. Your cover letter is polished. Your dreams of finding the perfect job are vibrant. Now what? It can be a little overwhelming figuring out where to start your search. The first step is to keep yourself organized. Start a “Job Search” folder with sub folders that hold your resumes (you should have multiple resumes if you are considering multiple fields), cover letters, and references. You may even want to start a spreadsheet to keep track of the applications you submit. Now it’s time to dive in.

During a tenuous job search, you must be strategic. There is not one website that will have every job listed in one consolidated place, but there are many websites that do a good job of listing most of them. Below is our list of “must visit” free websites that offer a great place to start your search.

  1. Indeed: This website is listed first because it is the best consolidated list of jobs that we have found. pulls jobs from many different job boards, which will offer you a variety that you just can’t find anywhere else. They have a useful app too, so if you have a smart phone, definitely upload Indeed’s free app. The app and website talk to each other, so if you “save” a job from your phone, it will show up in your “saved jobs” when you are logged into your computer. Another feature is that Indeed will save your searches on the left side of your screen or on your app home screen, so each time you log in you can easily repeat searches with a simple click. It also shows you in a bright red number how many NEW jobs have been listed in that category since your last search. should be the first step in your job search.
  2. Simply Hired: SimplyHired is very similar to Indeed, but occasionally lists a different variety of jobs. Plus, they have humor and make your job search a little more enjoyable than normal.
  3. LinkedIn: If you’re not already signed up on LinkedIn, do it today. LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. Your profile is your resume and gives other professionals a real snapshot of you and your job history. LinkedIn is unique because you can only connect to people that you have worked with, done business with, or personally know. Each one of your “connections” are linked to your job history, which weaves a web others can see. The more people you connect with, the larger your web, and the better chance you have of being introduced to key hiring managers. You can “follow” companies you are interested in working for and keep up-to-date on their job openings as they happen. You can also see if any of your connections are connected in any way to the companies you want to work for. You can search for jobs on LinkedIn. Although there are not a lot of jobs posted, you can get a much better snapshot of the players involved in hiring. If you find a job on another website that you want to apply for, use LinkedIn to look up the company and see if you have any connections that link you to that company.
  4. TheLadders: For executives looking for high-level positions, TheLadders only lists jobs on your level. They specialize in jobs that pay over $100,000, so this is one of our favorite job websites because it takes out the clutter. You can search for jobs for free, plus post your resume and set up job alerts. Many times you can not access the job contact information without joining for a nominal monthly fee, but you can Google the job title and often find the information elsewhere for free. Most of the jobs posted are put on there by job recruiters hired to find the right executive, so they will occasionally reach out to you if they find a job that fits your experience. If you make less than $75,000, this website is not for you and you will not be granted even a free membership.

These websites should be visited in addition to searching on local job boards. Although most local jobs will show up on one of the above websites, your local newspaper, TV station, and government websites often offer unique opportunities. Be sure to check the careers section on company websites that you are targeting. Many companies only promote their jobs on their website. Job searching will be a challenge, but stay organized and you will get through it!

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