Valid Reasons to Call in Sick

November 23 2015

Thinking of calling in sick to work? Most of us have done it before. Sometimes, it is because we are actually physically ill. Sometimes we need a mental health day. Yet most of us have a certain amount of guilt when we do, regardless of our reasons.

Sometimes, we are afraid that the work will not get done without us. Sometimes, we know we need to finish a particular project and simply cannot afford to miss the work that has to be done. But, if you are sick you are sick, and studies show that an employee that is sick is not productive. This means that going to work when you are sick is not helpful to anyone, nor is it a good use of resources. And, it also means that you could potentially spread your sickness to your coworkers who will then be faced with their own calling in sick dilemma.

If you still are not sure whether or not your sickness warrants a day in bed, this list of common sickness and symptoms are all valid reasons to pick up the phone and stay in bed.

Upset Stomach

If you’ve ever had a stomach virus you know that it can be rather violent. You may have diarrhea or you may be vomiting. While it could be a bout of food poisoning, it may also be a dreaded stomach virus. And a stomach virus is VERY contagious.

The Flu

If you were completely fine only to wake up with a fever, aches and chills, it’s highly likely that you have the flu. There is no “cure” when it comes to the flu, since it is a viral illness. In order to recover, you will need to rest. Also, just like a stomach virus, the flu is highly contagious. Why subject your coworkers to your misery unnecessarily?


When you run a fever, it means that your body is hard at work fighting an infection. While it may not be a viral infection, a fever guarantees that you feel horrible and will be pretty useless even if you did venture into the office. It’s far better to give your body rest and the strength to fight.

Sore Throat

While a sore throat may seem innocent enough, it could be a warning sign of something much worse, such as strep throat. We aren’t talking about your every day hoarseness, the kind of sore throat in question results in swollen glands and is usually accompanied by lethargy and fever. In the event of strep throat, an antibiotic will do the trick, but you’ll need to take the day off and visit the doctor for the treatment and the all clear.

While these three things are not a complete list of valid reasons, they are legitimate reasons to call in sick guilt free.

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